Saturday, 8 December 2012

port 10127

Playstation decides when to close port
If server closes port, instant error (although this may be also due to an issue in what we send)
Doesnt like anything larger than 1mb, goes really slow due to buffering our network input. Suggested that the network buffer on ps2 is full.
Idea that an EndofFile/EndOfTransmission character/string is required to notify ps2 that file has finished sending.
Hacked the elf to skip the port 10127 socket connection, screen hangs on 5% till it eventually throws server cannot connect error.
Attempted throwing an elf, bin module and null values.
Need to figure out how to disassemble the .bin files, not sure how I can load them into IDA.
Tried PCSX2, seems ok but would probably need to customize it to get the output i need

Sunday, 2 December 2012

More research

*Rough notes - BIO1*
The browser the ps2 version looks like a modified NetFront browser.

lobby.afs contains a set of videos (.sfd=sofdec) format used within the lobby screens
netbio002.dat mainly videos

Lost ebay bid on ps2 debug machine

Wireshark studies

Suggested Arch; Tomcat, ActiveMQ, PostGres,Centos, VirtualBoxImage

Sunday, 14 October 2012

.Bin there and done that

After having a break from the project, I have decided to come back looking at this from a new view. Starting on Biohazard Outbreak, I now understand that the .bin files are modules which get loaded directly into ram at a given memory address. Thus think of them as extensions to the elf, which will contain various segments, some for instructions/code, data, variables etc. Thus there isn't much we can do apart from disassembling the elf and loading these modules along with it.
Additionally to this,
netaq.bin = Network asynchronous queue, this will be the code which deals with the messaging (messaging in terms of updating the other players of your movements, inventory, connection etc) between players.
netdnas.bin = DNAS code, for authentication of your game disc
nethttp.bin =  HTTP protocol code
netwk.bin = The beast with the logic that determines when to run the DNAS, Web browser and start network connections etc. 

So what does all this mean?
Well, it means if I manage to understand the logic netwk.bin file, it would mean I know what the game expects at each stage for the network connection. Lets get to it

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Some further notes

As Kat rightly said regarding some strings change the browser when attached as comments, here is a WIP list of what happens

INPUT-ID = Populates ID from memory card

Want to be an author?

Hey guys,
I thought about this for a while now and want to try it out. If anyone wishes to be an author on this blog, give me a shout via comment or email and I can authorize you to post on here. May aswell get the community sharing their knowledge and feelings!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How to: Configure PS2 to talk to ubuntu

Rough notes, essentially set the ip address of ubuntu machine as (or your equivalent), and the ps2 with the dns, gateway, ip and subnet via the network config tool on the disk

Glassfish Server:
DNS Server (Ubuntu machine):
Subnet mask:

How To: Hello World Outbreak File #2 JP

Step 3: Hello World Outbreak File #2 JP


New Project > Java Web > Web Application
Name: OutbreakFile2
Context Path: /00000010

Right click project, Add > JSP

Name: CRS-top
**Case sensitive

Clean and Build